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What exactly is an arbitrage trade?

An arbitrage trade is a trade which takes advantage of price fluctuations across multiple exchanges. As two or more exchanges present different price values for the same currency, the currency is than bought or sold in respect to its potential profit. Currencies are bought at the lower price point and sold at the higher price point for small profits. These trades offer a minimal risk opportunity on a frequent basis.


Edgar C.Wallas

Asia Marketing Consultant

I have been in 'Top of the Hierarchy' Financial Management roles in my career defining the financial business model, resolving cross functional business processes, putting robust financial frameworks to deliver the necessary controls to guide organisations through complex expansions, re-structuring, M&A and JVs for a growth that resounds success.

Mikael Vladimir

ICC Global Financial Advisor

Mikael is a world renowned marketer and an advanced crypto consultant and advisor. With more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing Edgar has become an expert at driving growth in any crypto trading and business, especially in blockchain related ventures.



" The day that all money is decentralized, and has no home… is the day that we all become financially equal "

Alex is an Industry Specialist in the field of FinTech Arbitration, Commodity pairs, Regulation, and Compliance. Beginning his career in the Banking sector, he is now quite happy calling FinTech-Crypto his new home. His Passion & Drive is what fuels our ThinkTank & modern innovation team.

Our A.I. Arbitrage system can scan over 150 exchanges Across the Globe & Instantly capture a “pair” of a Single coin/token priced Differently at Various Exchanges, & make Advanced Automated decisions > Buy-low & Sell-high


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