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Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader. They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal.

Since 2008 he’s been the head of his own, as well as other Tech startups. He’s a highly dynamic & influential team leader with extensive experience in Risk management & Analysis.  A Pro trader & tactical Fintech expert, he leads by example… No job is too big, nor any task too small….. a clinical perfectionist of the very highest.

Roman Arayan


" If I can explain how and why we do what we do then… I am not doing what I do very well ”

Alex pearson

Arbitrage Expert

Alex is an Industry Specialist in the field of FinTech Arbitration, Commodity pairs, Regulation, and Compliance. Beginning his career in the Banking sector, he is now quite happy calling FinTech-Crypto his new home. His Passion & Drive is what fuels our ThinkTank & modern innovation team. "The day that all money is decentralized, and has no home… is the day that we all become financially equal." .

Angus Mckensie

Chief Operating Officer

Has an inherent sense of commitment and dedication to optimizing operational performance, whilst simultaneously driving ICC’s development and strategy to the highest level. His proven abilities in team leadership and project management serve as milestone achievements that mark him as a clear and valuable asset to our entire organization.

Lauren tracey

Senior Marketing Advisor

Lauren is the lead marketing ambassador at Intercoin Capital. She is one of the Brightest minds in brand marketing who’s energy and enthusiasm has helped turn ICC into one of the biggest Fintech platforms on the open market. Her savvy technical skills and knowledge, combined with her natural creative instincts has already led to quantitatively measurable results on a Global scale..

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